There are many beautiful events in life – all of them deserve to be celebrated because celebrations are storage of emotions. There is a story hiding after every event, so you need to get to know it and feel it, in order the capture the essence.

Many fine, emotional details when you combine them, capturing moment and rethinking nuances, create the exact feeling and true charm of the wedding day. It demands a great trust to turn your dream wedding into reality.

Private celebrations
Birthday celebrations, engagement parties, wedding anniversaries or anything else that is personal and important to you. I get to know special events of the clients and turn them into celebrations – bigger and smaller but with passion and enthusiasm. Have a sweet and enjoyable aftertaste!

Corporate events
Corporate events are a gift of the company to employees, cooperation partners and CEOs of the company. Well-considered and tasteful event is like a business card of the company that will speak for itself for long.