Collection of moments

It was a wish to keep this brass-colored autumn in our memories.

Weekends are always made for celebrating being together. Agneta wanted to catch the autumn by its tail in her photographs, therefore I wanted a picnic. A picnic...with a beautifully laid table, silver accessories and autumn-colored wine glasses. A picnic that would suit my birthday. There was even a special food recipe, which I wanted to prepare, because I knew that my friends will be delighted.

We loaded our cars with properties, beautiful things and were on our way, away from the capital city to a small rural idyll where huge apple plantations are hiding.
Agneta is unstoppable, with the camera in hands she dashes through summer grass, autumn colored ferns and appletree gardens that didn't leave anyone indifferent to the apple-full tree branches.

Ohh, as always, the day turns out to be too short to do everything. Who would have thought that October will be pampering us this way, and that we will enjoy a delicious meal after a sunset, in candlelight, surrounded by apple trees. It turned out to be fantastic!
My special October to keep in the memories!

Venue: Reķu ābeļdārzs
Details: Love Letters
Photo: Agneta Jonele