To see Italy

They say – if you want something so bad, the dreams come true!

When the grey season starts in Latvia and it becomes too gloomy, a crazy idea comes into mind, that maybe it is worth to take a risk and jump into the plane to capture the last sunny days in Italy and enjoy in reality the beauty of all these photos posted on “Pinterest”. This is indeed a long cherished dream about Italy. Are you ready for an adventure and fabulous ideas about wedding in Italy?

This seems so distant, impossible and difficult? Entrust it to us and we will take care for unimaginably fantastic fulfilment of emotions. Together with Agneta we are ready to indulge in this adventure with you.

Marvellous wedding on Italian coasts filled with sunlight, where emotions will take your breath away, where natural scenery and landscapes serve as the most magnificent decorations.

Wedding outside Latvia is not an unreachable and impossible dream at all. With your beloved one, your family or wider circle of guests – let us to fulfil your dream!

If you have already started to dream and are interested, contact us.
Inga and Agneta

Photo: Agneta Jonele